How To Get Rid Of Insects (Especially Cockroaches) In Your Car

You might be thinking this question is irrelevant if your house parking area is absolutely clean with nothing to worried about. No even ants. Or you might be staying in a comfy condominium with a well maintained carpark that has no pest at all. Not even a cat can trespass. Well the truth of the matter is this… This is a very relevant question that every car owner should take note of. Because no matter how clean your house car park is, you are going to park your car outside of your house when you are out. But can you be sure the car park space is clean? Can you make sure there are no cockroaches? I bet you can’t! So here are a few tips on how to get rid of cockroaches:


“预防胜于治疗” means Prevention is Better Than Cure. But how do you prevent cockroaches from nesting in your car? First thing is not to park your car near potential “hazardous” area especially near dump site. Second thing is to keep your car clean (No food crumbs, No flavored drinks, Or keep it clean after every eating session).


I need to emphasize on the use of traps. There is a very good reason (Based on my personal experience) for that. I once had cockroaches in my car and I tried using Shieldtox or Baygon to kill them and try to stuffed them to death in car. The next day I thought the result was pretty good…until I turn on the air-conditioning…and I smelled cockroaches.

I realized the body of the dead cockroaches was at the bottom of the air con duct. And the smell of the cockroaches blew from within to the vent. It was so disgusting especially when I pictured the cockroach just like the photo below

ImageThe worst part is that I knew where it was, but I can’t reach it. So I have been inhaling 1 full month of free cockroach essence. So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t kill them! Trap them! The best thing to do is to place a few cockroach traps and place it under your seats, and check them regularly and replace the trap if necessary. You have to act quick before the adult cockroaches starting to lay eggs. If not it will be a long nightmare my friend…


Well, it’s not that easy to attract cockroaches to your car anyway. It takes a long time too. Usually when a car is filled with food crumbs for a long period, that will eventually attract the cockroaches. So to get them out we need to do exactly the opposite. Just that it will take an even longer period of time compare to inviting them to your car. (Cockroaches have a very strong survival spirit and that is how they survive through the ice age too…Even your car have no more food for them they can still manage their stomach for quite some time). SO just keep your car clean. Make it a habit and discipline to clean or vacuum your car weekly. If possible, DAILY!


PS: If you have bad food odor or food stains in your car you need to get rid of, please read about car interior cleaning services

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