Alphakleen is proud to expand our service to professional marble stone polishing cleaning too. As a matter of fact, Alphakleen has been doing marble polishing for years in KL region but not officially until in 2019. 

Marble or Granite stone flooring are natural resources harvested via cutting stones into pieces and pay it on the floor. Newly cut stone pieces are generally shining & beautiful to look at. However, due to the natural properties of marble stone, the stone will be corroded by moist, chemicals, dust, stains, or in some cases even the floor mopping chemical solutions, causing the stone to lost it’s shine over time. A well maintained stone flooring can last for few years and a naked stone without any maintenance can look dull even in matter of weeks! But don’t worry. There’s a solution to every problem. 

Polishing is a process using a specially formulated compound to rub against the stone surface via friction (just like using sponge to rub of dirt while bathing), removing the dirt & foreign particles from the stone surface more effectively as compare to just normal scrubbing without the compound. In Alphakleen, we have a 3 Stage Stone Care System for better results. 

Marble Polishing Before
Marble Polishing After


At this stage, we are preparing the marble before the polishing work. Over time, there will be dirt or stains on the marble surface but these are removable via our deep cleaning system. Removing the particles on top of the marble is essential as a clean marble surface is needed for a more effective polishing result. 


After the surface of the stone has been cleaned, the polishing work can commence. A rotary buffer will rub the compound with the surface of the stone at a moderate speed, removing the stains & chemical bonding that is within the marble stone surface. At this stage. generally the marble polishing work has been done. But there’s additional step that we do – glossing. 


This is when your marble floor really comes to shine. Applying a layer of gloss film on top of the marble will make your marble shine like never before. If you have marvelous lighting at home, the end result of glossed marble will be even more stunning!