Leather cleaning does not come to our mind when we first fell in love with the leather sofa back at the showroom. Hence leather maintenance is usually neglected and after years (sometimes even months) of using, we realize we haven’t thought of the maintenance issue at all. OK I am not trying to be judgmental because I was also convicted of the same mistake myself too! 

It’s ironic how to love the luxurious feel of a supple leather, but yet we hate the hard-to-clean stuff of it (you know, it’s like a love/hate relationship between calories & Roti Canai or Nasi Lemak. Love them coz it’s delicious. Hate them coz of the insane calories level). Well, thanks to the advance Leather Cleaning System by Alphakleen, you don’t have to worry about your leather maintenance problem anymore.

Our leather cleaning system is unique. It only reacts to the dirt that’s clinging onto the leather without damaging the color nor texture of the leather itself. The result is always consistent, bringing back the lost shine and restoring the glory of your leather couch. I guarantee it’s NOT the same result as the brand that you bought from your local supermarket or petrol kiosk convenience store! We all have that tendency to believe that will work (you know, those fancy & promising packaging really does a great marketing job). I once tried that too. But to my disappointment it didn’t work that well. Whether the $5 or the $50 product on the shelf will not work up to my expectation.  So I can assure you, the leather cleaning solution that we have to offer is DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE.  Check out all the results below. 

Leather Cleaning 1
Leather Cleaning 2
Leather Cleaning 3

Of course, being in tropical country of Malaysia, we will apply a polishing cream to nourish the leather, providing the essential care & replenishment for the leather. Making it supple & prevent cracks due to the harsh weather & temperature. 

Our 3 Promises:

1. Optimum Result Guaranteed

2. Best Customer Service Experience

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back

Over the past 9 years, we have done at least 2000 sets of leather sofa. It is safe for us to say we are among one of the top leather couch cleaner in Malaysia. Our professionals were also trained to clean sofa to produce maximum result. We strive to provide the best value in our services every time. Try Us Today & Be Convinced.