UPHOLSTERY CLEANING QUICK FACT: Within 2 Years of Using Your Pillow, 30% of the Pillow’s Weight Are… Dust Mites, Their Feces & Corpses!

* Sources from http://news.discovery.com/human/pillow-insides-110627.htm

What does that actually mean to your health? Well unfortunately dust mites have quite a serious negative impact on our health, particularly their effects on our skin & respiratory system. As a consequence, we get asthma, runny nose, sneezing in the morning, feeling tired after sleep, throat & skin irritation, skin allergies and others. In a nut shell, the organic waste of millions of dust mites in our house does affect us in a bad way. The danger possessed are far great than what we can see with our naked eyes. 

Danger Chart_Curtain

The SOLUTION: Our Hygienic Deep Cleaning is the Best Solution for Your Problem. Instead of killing the mites (In which the bodies and harmful products of mites will still remain in your upholstery), we use a Powerful Industrial-Grade Extractor to remove them!




Our cleaning system provides a deeper cleaning rather than just surface cleaning. The cleaning solution incorporated a unique “Encapsulation” technology which breaks down the soil & stubborn stains prior to cleaning. The result is a cleaner & longer lasting, which in a long run saves you precious time & money. 


As our cleaning system involves deep cleaning that penetrate deeper than average cleaning system, our average drying time for upholstery items are 3 hours. Slightly longer drying time for a cleaner better more hygienic result? Why Not 🙂


Dust mites can cause serious allergies and side effects to an individual. Our Deep Cleaning Technique effectively removes them from your upholstery, Making it a more hygienic environment for you and your family to live with. For more details about dustmites please read the article here

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I know sometimes we need to find a good reason to throw off the old stuff & buy a new one, but why spend more while you can get it clean with less? Isn’t even more awesome to spend the money you saved on a great escape holiday?     Why not? 🙂


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