The science of upholstery cleaning isn’t just as plain as removing the stain marks on the fabric to make it look good. Apart from the aesthetical appearance, there’s actually a few other major benefits of our deep cleaning system. In fact, there’s a DEEPER meaning to it. 

Getting your home upholstery such as mattress, sofa, cushion, carpet, and even mattress cleaned the right way will bring so much more benefits that you think. In fact, deep cleaning system is by far one of the best cleaning method for getting your upholstery cleaned. 


Step 1 : Sprinkle With Water

In this step, we will spray the right amount of water onto the fabric surface (Not dripping wet, but enough to ensure the entire surface is wet). This will help to loosen some of the soil on the fabric surface, and to ensure the even coating of the detergent on the later stage. 

Step 2 : Shampooing & Agitation

This step can be sub divided into another 3 sub steps:

1. Applying detergent via spraying to cover the entire fabric surface

2. Agitate or brushing of the fabric to further loosen the soil

3. Apply stain removal solution on hard-to-remove stains. 

Step 3 : Extraction

Our extractor is unique. It incorporates spraying of clean water and vacuum extraction at the same time. 

As shown in the picture, the extractor will spray a good amount of clean water onto the fabric, moments just before the extraction take place. This is because we do not want to further dampen the fabric for too long, causing the soiled water to sink deeper. 

This step may seems simple and easy, but elements such as timing of the pull, pulling angle and applying the right amount of water may be tricky and if not executed correctly may leave unwanted water marks on the fabric. In the hands of the experienced cleaner however, the upholstery can be perfectly cleaned in just 1 or 2 pulls with a clean & nice look, and cleans up soil that is up to 100mm deep within the upholstery. Oh yes, micro-organism such as dust-mites & allergens will be removed via the extraction process as well. 

 The ability & effectiveness of the extractor to generate the vacuuming power (Measured in AirWatt) greatly determined the cleanliness of the process. In a recent study we found that our extractor is generating a whopping 1,200 Airwatts which is almost 10x more than the average conventional vacuum cleaner, and 6x more than the popular premium vacuum brand in the market!

Step 4 : Sanitize

After the extraction process, the upholstery will be left with approximately 3-5% of water content and it will be fully air dried within 2-4 hours. 

As a measure of safety precaution, we will apply a coating of disinfectant to sanitize the upholstery to eliminate any remaining germs, bacteria, virus, and even dust-mites that are still residing in the upholstery. 



Deep cleaning is what found to be the most effective method in upholstery cleaning. It yields the best cleaning result, removes stains, eliminate dust-mites and left no chemical residue. 


Alphakleen uses certified green products for your upholstery cleaning needs. That means creating a healthier environment for all without the nasty chemicals. Deep cleaning also ensure your home is a more hygienic environment for all too. 


With all the soil deep within the upholstery being removed, that means your upholstery will stay clean for a longer period of time. In monetary terms, that means you don’t have to clean them so often too.