The science of upholstery cleaning isn’t just as plain as removing the stain marks on the fabric to make it look good. Apart from the aesthetical appearance, there’s actually a few other major benefits of our deep cleaning system. In fact, there’s a DEEPER meaning to it. 

Getting your home upholstery such as mattress, sofa, cushion, carpet, and even mattress cleaned the right way will bring so much more benefits that you think. Engaging an experienced crew for your upholstery cleaning needs is essential towards a satisfying result that will last a longer period of time. In fact after cleaning tens of thousands of upholstery since 2010, we have developed and evolve our deep cleaning system to provide the best hygienic upholstery cleaning result possible for your residential or even commercial needs.


Encapsulation Process 2


Before the cleaning begin, our technician will spray our ionized detergent onto the fabric surface. Our ionized (charged) detergent is slightly alkaline based, which will interact with the acidic soil in the fabric. The charged detergent will encourage the bonding with the soil and the combination of the ionized detergent with the soil is called the Encapsulation Process. 

In conclusion, a neutral-based cleaning is achieved, and a better cleaning results are being achieved too. 

Extraction Process 2


Few minutes after the encapsulation process takes place, our technician will then agitate the fabric with our rotary scrubber to loosen any tough stains. This is being done by using an electric power scrubber. 

Our low speed power scrubber provides a consistent rotary brushing motion and give your fabric upholstery a good scrub. This stage is primarily to ensure the surface/close surface area are being properly cleaned and agitated, to ensure your upholstery fabric has a more uniform and clean look. 

In cases where the upholstery material is a delicate type such as silk, velvet, hand woven or even worn out material, our technician will switch to a manual hand scrub using either nylon or horsehair brush for a much milder brushing force. Once all the preparation works are done, we are set and ready for the extraction process.

Extraction Process


Alphakleen uses specialized extractor machine made & imported from Germany that generates 10 times more vacuuming power as compare to an average vacuum cleaner. With such powerful suction, it will remove any dirt, soil, stains or even dust-mites that is residing deep (up to 100mm deep underneath the surface) in your upholstery. Through the combination process of water-spraying & vacuuming, it is able to remove all the allergens and dirt particles from your upholstery, keeping them clean & hygienic for your family. 

As seen from the footage on the left, the soften dirt & soil in the foam is being extracted effortlessly by our deep extraction cleaning machine. Furthermore, our technician will overlap each area at least twice to ensure we “leave nothing behind”. 

Upholstery deep cleaning method works well on most of the upholstery materials such as cotton, velvet, wool, polyester, or even microfiber. 

At Alphakleen, our team take great pride in what we do! Do contact us to find out more today! For more in depth information on the entire upholstery deep cleaning process please click here



Deep cleaning is what found to be the most effective method in upholstery cleaning. It yields the best cleaning result, removes stains, eliminate dust-mites and left no chemical residue. 


Alphakleen uses certified green products for your upholstery cleaning needs. That means creating a healthier environment for all without the nasty chemicals. Deep cleaning also ensure your home is a more hygienic environment for all too. 


With all the soil deep within the upholstery being removed, that means your upholstery will stay clean for a longer period of time. In monetary terms, that means you don’t have to clean them so often too. 

Alphakleen has been one of the pioneer and leader in upholstery cleaning services in Malaysia since 2010. We strive to achieve greatness and maximum satisfaction for all our clients, whether it’s for residential or corporate needs. To achieve such milestone is no easy task, and conducting the cleaning procedure requires both highly trained technician with years of accumulated experiences to do it right for you. Get the most from the best upholstery cleaner in KL. You can definitely trust Alphakleen in providing the best quality services for you. Interested to find out more? Do feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote & queries.