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“Hi Alphakleen, thanks very much for a great job. Very Happy with your work! Many thanks again – JANE”

“Delightful with Carpet Cleaning Service by Alphakleen – AEON”

In fact, our professional services have won over the hearts of some of the familiar companies in KL such as Sime Darby, Offices at Petronas Twin Towers, Petronas, Maybank, Embassies, Sepang F1 Circuit or even Luxury Mega Yacht. 


The 3 Benefits Of Our Carpet Cleaning Services Are:


alphakleen Deep Cleaning

Our cleaning system provides a deeper cleaning rather than just surface cleaning. The cleaning solution incorporated a unique “Encapsulation” technology which breaks down the soil & stubborn stains prior to cleaning. The result is a cleaner & longer lasting, which in a long run saves you precious time & money. 


As our cleaning system involves deep cleaning that penetrate deeper than average cleaning system, our average drying time for carpet is approximately 3 hours. Slightly longer drying time for a cleaner better more hygienic result? Why Not 🙂


Have you ever tried rolling on a supposedly clean carpet, only to realized afterwards you have really itchy skin & red patches on your skin that came in contact with the carpet? Yup, that is exactly what dust mites do to us. Dust mites can cause serious allergies and side effects to an individual. Our Deep Cleaning Technique effectively removes them from your carpet, Making it a more hygienic environment to live, or even work with!

Office Carpet Cleaning
See the Difference In The Circled Area. The Result Is Guarantee & Works for All Carpets Including Handmade Persian Carpets As Shown.
Carpet Cleaning at Customer's House.
office carpet_1

We have a team of carpet cleaning experts that has been with us for so many years and till now, we have not damaged any carpet at all, and we have cleaned 3,500,000 Square Foot of carpets! We are committed to provide the best customer service and quality cleaning for our customers whether it is residential or commercial.Please feel free to contact us for a free quotation. Our 3 promises to you:

1. Best Corporate Rate for Office Carpet in KL & Klang Valley

2. Best Quality of Workmanship & Customer Service Experience

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back


Some of Our Clients

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  1. I need to know the price for handmade rug cleaning :-

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