1. Do I have to do any preparation before the cleaning?

A: Absolutely no. Our specialist will do the cleaning job for you. There is no need to dismantle anything.

2. When can I use back my upholstery?

A: The benefit of our cleaning services is – Your upholstery item is usable on the same day! The drying process will take approximately 2-3 hours and it is completely usable and comfortable after the cleaning.

3. What is the main difference between us & other service provider?

A. Alphakleen established our brand as professional upholstery cleaning company since 2010. Our aim is to provide quality services with great customer experiences. Meaning your needs & satisfaction is our top priority. As such, we derive our cleaning system to ensure a proper thorough cleaning, both aesthetically & hygienically. The greatest advantage that we have is our experiences in this field.

4. Are all the stains removable?

A. To be honest? It’s not 100% removable. However we would safely say that 90-95% of the common stains are removable without much problem. We have a series of stains removable to treat different sort of stains. Even though it may not be fully removable, it will be lighten most of the time.

5. Why is the drying time longer than some other service provider?

A. There are different sort of medium used for cleaning. For example, in laundry cleaning the medium is water. In dry cleaning the medium is petro-chemical, some uses powder as medium for cleaning. For us, we found that wet method (water) is by far the best method for cleaning, without any harmful residue after the cleaning is done. Drying time is slightly longer but it’s much safer & chemical-free. You may turn on the air conditioning (dry mode) & fan to allow it to dry faster.

6. Will there be any odor after the sofa/mattress is fully dried?

A. Absolutely not. Our extractor machine will ensure only minimal moist left on the sofa. There will not be any foul odor when fully dried.


1. Any extra charges for the pick up and delivery services?

A: We provide free pick up & delivery services within KL & Petaling Jaya. Additional transport charges for Subang Jaya, Shah Alam Cyberjaya & Putrajaya.

2. How long does it take for the carpet cleaning?

A: A full process of cleaning the carpet require 1-2 weeks. Reason is, if a carpet is not clean enough after the first round of cleaning, our QC officer will request for another full cleaning process, until the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

3. Will there be any smell / bad odor from the carpet after the cleaning?

A: Absolutely not, We perform anti bacteria sanitation (bio-degradable & non-alcohol based) to remove any existing smell on the carpet, also prevent any bad odor from the carpet after it has been cleaned.

4. When I come into contact with my carpet, I feel very itchy afterwards. Why is that happening?

A: When there are dust and dust-mites on the carpet, it soon turn into something hazardous to human skin and if you have skin allergy problems, the effect will be shown through symptoms like: itchiness, red spots, rashes, runny nose & etc. To solve the root of the problem is by extracting out the dust and harmful particles from the carpet, and sanitize the carpet. Our equipment comply to the HEPA standard and is able to remove 99.999% of the dust particles.


Q: How Long Will The Process Take? 

A: Disinfecting process depends on the size of the area. Typically a thorough disinfection will take approximately 500sqft/minute.

Q: Is the Disinfectant Used Harmful to Human Health? 

A: Absolutely not. It contains only biodegradable active ingredient to disinfect the germs/ bacteria/pathogen & virus.

Q: What can it Disinfect?

A: During the fogging process, the mist droplet carrying the disinfectant is able to stay airborne for at least 20 minutes. During this time, it will eliminate any potential bacteria or virus that is attached to the ceiling, wall, floor, furniture, equipment, air conditioner duct and even airborne virus.  

Q: How Long Must I Wait After the Fumigation? 

A: Lab test show 99.99999% elimination in under 5 minutes. However we do recommend to wait 30 minutes after fumigation is done. 

Q: What is the Difference Between Cold Fogging & Thermal (Hot) Fogging?

A: The difference is mainly on different applications. Thermal fogging is mainly use for spray pesticide, anti-mosquito and so on. It needs fuel (diesel) to generate the smoke thus it may not be suitable for use on house interior, food factory or restaurant. Cold fogging on the other hand spray the liquid via a high pressure nozzle hence bombarding the liquid into fine mist the size of 10-20 micron. It doesn’t require any fuel hence it’s application is suitable for indoor, childcare, hospital or even food related factory.   

Q: Does It Contain Any Alcohol?

A: Absolutely not. It is made of an active ingredient called the “QAC” that is proven to be effective against SARS type of coronavirus too. 

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