Premium Mascot Cleaning Services!

Hi All!

Alphakleen offers fantastic mascot cleaning services! I’m quite sure you don’t want to impress your customers with a dirty & smelly mascot? By the way I’m very sure the guy inside the mascot will be glad if the mascot has been cleaned regularly! Here are the services we will perform for a premium mascot cleaning:

  • Interior & Exterior Deep Cleaning (To Look Clean)
  • Stains Removal (To Look Cleaner)
  • Anti-Odor Treatment (With a Bonus Fresh Fragrance)

With the above all done, kids, girls, or even boys won’t mind to go near and take a photo shoot with your brand new mascot!

Why risk your expensive custom-made mascot in the hands of a part timer? Leave it to us, the expert in cleaning to do a fabulous job for you! The result is GUARANTEED!

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