Tips On Upholstery & House Maintainance

Living around city area is generally awesome. You have the conveniences, facilities, entertainment & great food too! However, the environment is a major concern that most families are worried about —- Dust & Dirt!

Of course we can always sweep the floor, wipe the furniture, change the bedsheets, do whatever we want just to make our house a little more comfier. So I am writing this article just to share some of my experiences on how to keep things a little cleaner, neat-ier, cozy-ier, and more hygienic to live in. (Coz afterall I had been to over thousands of household before for cleaning services yeah) So here goes:


We sure have some curtains in our house, unless of course you like the concept of being stalk by your neighbor of what you do at home. Curtains are not cheap to made and they usually cost a-lot to clean.  However there are a few ways to keep it clean for a longer period:

TIE BACK YOUR CURTAIN WHEN NECESSARY to avoid your curtain from contamination such as smoke & cooking oily smell. Nano sizes of ashes from the cigarettes will stick to your curtain and in the long run will cause your curtain to look black. Cooking oily smell is the worst. The oil stick to the curtain will act as a magnet that will attract any dust or dirt that passes through, and make your curtain look black, feels oily, and your friends can definitely smell your last cooked oily meal.

AVOID OPEN AIR IF YOUR AREA IS EXTREMELY DUSTY as your curtain will look bad after 3 short months even though your curtain is newly bought. If you live near major highway, or near construction area, you have to limit your time for “OPEN FRESH AIR” as the air won’t be fresh, and it will cover your house with dust (even if you are staying 25 storey in a condo you won’t be getting away from it).

Dust Condo

See what I mean?


Humidity level in Malaysia averaging at staggering 90%. At some point of year hitting 97%. High humidity level causes a few problems for us too. Our furniture produces bad odor smell, and worst of all it is a enzyme that favors the growth of bacteria, germs, and dust mites. There is no way to completely get rid of them unless we build ourselves a clean room. Fortunately we can minimize, and keep them under control via several ways.

Thirsty Hippo

Use DEHUMIDIFIER (Brands like Thirsty Hippo Tesco Hippo or Jusco Hippo will do just fine) in your room, hall, or places you need to get rid of the moist. Why? Because bacteria and dust mites need water to survive and reproduce. If we can get rid of their water supply, they will definitely thirst to death. Another effective dehumidifier will be the air conditioner as it extracts the moist content from the indoor to the outdoor via the compressor.


Carpet is the only expensive household  item that we willingly bought with our hard earn money, and let our dirty smelly feet step on it. Isn’t that madness? No it isn’t. Carpets are generally made of very tiny micro fabric woven together and that means it tends to trap dirt’s more easily. That explains why you always brush our feet on it too… you dirty fella! Well it is perfectly normal. That is why carpet is worth so much and they have a hard job to do.

Maintaining a carpet’s cleanliness becomes hard when it tends to get dirty easily. Here are a few tips to make sure your carpet will have a long life span:

VACUUM REGULARLY to keep it from dirt solidification. That means after a period of time the dirt or soil will eventually harden by itself due to the moisture content in your house combining with dirt on your carpet. That will make your carpet look very dirty. Of course we do provide carpet cleaning services to remove the stain on your carpet. But regular vacuuming will saves you money in the long run.

PLACE DEHUMIDIFIER to reduce the moist in your room as explains earlier. It will also helps to reduce the growth of dust mites and germs in your carpet.

PLACE SACRIFICIAL OFFERING for those dirty feet… Lets assume you have a lovely Handmade Persian Carpet near the entrance of your house. Place another cheaper alternative China Carpet before the Persian Carpet for people to wipe their feet… You know what I mean? In that case the Persian will survive but of course the Chinese won’t. Sacrificial carpets should be placed near kitchen or bathroom area too.


This is probably the most important piece as you will spend 1/3 of your life here on your mattress. Coming back from your tiring work day and after a quick meal & bath you just wanna hop on your mattress & feel the softness, tenderness of the springs, and the surface of the mattress is so cozy and furry…. Ah…. One word—- NICE.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. You have some uninvited guests as well…Sounds spooky? Nah, I ain’t talking about the undead. I am of course talking about dust mites!

Well here is the reason why you should worry about dust mite, the population of dust mites on your mattress, is about the same as the population of the whole earth! Of course, dust mites have no idea or civilize enough to bury the dead, nor they have any idea how to get rid of their feces, so their tiny world is filled with piles of dust mites corpses and mountains of feces. But no worries, they won’t bite you nor suck your blood. They are friendly tiny animal that fed on your skin flakes…

And I haven’t got into the best bit yet…

The matter of fact is, after 2 years of using your pillow, 10% of your pillow’s weight is dust mite…OMG


Of course I have come to give you some maintenance tips & also how to keep them under control… You are welcome

PLACE DEHUMIDIFIER in your bedroom will effectively reduce the moist level. Well dust mites need 3 basic need in order to survive: food, environment & water. They need human skin flakes, warm temperature, and water. We can’t control the temperature of our country nor can we control how much skin flakes we wanna shed everyday. The only variable we can change is WATER. Reduce water means they can’t live comfortably. Yeah?






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