Mattress Cleaning Result – A Big Surprise From A New Mattress

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Well, a picture tells a zillion words. The photo below shows our result of cleaning a luxury mattress. The mattress is now clean, and more hygienic to sleep on to. There might be some questions that I need to emphasize again:

1. Our in house cleaning detergent used on the mattress are safe and side effect free.

2. Your mattress will be safe with our professional cleaning staff.

3. Your mattress will be slightly damp after the cleaning but will be dried in hours.

4. There will not be any “mould” on your mattress after the cleaning.

5. Your mattress is now cleaner & more hygienic than when you first bought it!

Surprise by the last statement? I was surprise too when I first found out about it. The story goes like this…

One of our client insist us to do a comprehensive mattress cleaning on her branded mattress that cost over RM10K.  With that kind of price tag, I immediately assume that the quality & cleanliness of the mattress must be in top notch condition. I first advise her not to clean it because it is brand new and also to save money, but she insist she wanted it to be cleaned so I just have to do it!  After the cleaning, we were so shocked by the extracted results… It was awful! The water shows some milky to greyish content with lots of bubbles that shows sign of “chemicals” leftover on the mattress…


1. Don’t assume everything is safe and clean. Sometimes things can be so Innocent  looking but harmful at the same time.

2. Don’t believe it until you seen it with your own eyes!

3. Most importantly, you will still need our services no matter your mattress is old or new! 🙂

The environment may be polluted & dirty, but please don’t let that happen to your mattress. At least you can protect the 1/3 time of your life with a well taken care “Battery Charger” of your life.

Life Is Short, Stay Healthy.


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