Do You Know? Dirt & Dust Destroys Your Carpets, Furniture, Upholstery & Curtains!

Everyday, we walk on our carpets, lay on our sofa to watch our favorite television program.

Even though we may vacuum our furniture regularly, Our dead body skin flakes (We sheared over millions of skin flakes daily!) and dust in the house will continue to accumulate deep inside our furniture and carpets. This will cause rapid growth of not only dust mites, but also other insects or pest. These pest will cause our body to have allergic reactions such as skin rashes, chronic coughing and sneezing, and even asthma attacks. It may also cause you to feel lethargic and restless when you stay in such environment for too long.

Not only so, dirt accumulated in your carpets and furniture, will settle deep inside them, and over time, your fabric will become very fragile and spoils every easily. That is why regular cleaning every 3months are recommended. The very least will be 6 months. This is also true for curtains. Regular washing and cleaning of your furniture, carpets and curtains not only keep your home and office fresh and healthy, it actually strengthens your fabric materials and keep their colors vibrant, allowing your fabric and furniture to last much longer, and not spoil easily.

Start taking care of your carpets, furniture and curtains by cleaning them regularly today! Remember 3-6months will be a good time frame.

We at Alpha Kleen provide total cleaning solutions for all your carpets, furniture and upholstery needs, we provide on the spot services, free quotation and free delivery for carpets and curtain cleaning.

We also welcome enquirers on regular contract cleaning and laundry delivery services.

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