Express Curtain Cleaning With Sanitization!

Home is probably our favorite place on the planet. It is cozy, comfortable, quiet, private, and we can watch Korean Drama nakedly, or sit like a punk while surfing facebook. Having said that, curtain is such an incredible piece of fabric that sheltered us from the heat & light to make us feel cozy, and also gives us the privacy we want. Without the curtain, we feel uneasy as if the outside world is watching over our behavior at home.

Maintenance must be done to keep the curtain clean and hygienic to live with. (Read about the tips on regular curtain maintenance here) However, dismantling the curtain for dry cleaning and putting it back together is quite an effort. Most importantly during the cleaning process, your house instantly become ‘naked’. So what solution do we have install for you? Of course we have our very own Express Curtain Cleaning Method!

Our Professional Express Curtain Cleaning Method Effectively Removes Stains, Dust, Particles, And Most Importantly… It Will Also Removes Germs & Dust-Mites From Your Curtains!

What’s More? The Benefits Of Our Cleaning Method Are:

  • Make Your Curtains Look Great!
  • Saves You Money As Compare To Dry Cleaning
  • No Side Effects (Chemical-Free Method As Compare To Dry Cleaning*)
  • NO NEED To Take Down Your Curtains At All!

*Find Out The Effect Of Dry Cleaning @

Curtain Cleaning B&A

Notice The Stains Have Been Removed?


Photo above shows our deep cleaning vacuum header that agitates and clean the curtain more effectively than conventional vacuum brush!


Photo above shows the extraction results from our HEPA standard (Absorbs up to 99.9% of dust particles) Wet Vacuum Cleaner. The dust being sucked in are trapped in the water so that the dust won’t be flying around in your house.


Photo above shows the final step of our cleaning process – Sanitization. It get rid of the germs, bacterias, dust mites, and bad smells.

If you have any inquiries about our professional services, kindly give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you!

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