Who Are You Sleeping With All The While? Invisible Guests??

Don’t misunderstood! We didn’t mean it that way!

Our main concern is one of your favorite place in the world… Your Mattress!

Normal human being spent 1/3 of their life on their bed & mattress. A good and clean mattress is essential for providing us with good rest, correct sleeping posture energize our body & replenish our mind. So, what we are trying so say is simple. KEEP YOUR MATTRESS NICE & CLEAN. Why? Because it is one of the most important place on earth for you or your family!

Most of the people change their bedsheets regularly to maintain the mattress and to remain hygienic. That is good, but not good enough. WHY? The reasons are:

1. Dust – Dust is the nano particle that we are living with everyday. It is tiny, invisible to naked eyes, and most importantly they will cause allergy and other symptoms. Changing the bedsheets does help. But dust particles is tiny enough to sunk into the bedsheets, and ultimately sunk into your beloved mattress.

2. Humidity – Malaysia is a very lovely country with good tasting food, and sunny weather all year long. But unfortunately the humidity level in Malaysia is 95%. Meaning that there is a very high content of water in the air, even in your room. So, how does humidity affects the mattress then? First of all, environment of high humidity encourage the growth of mould, bacteria, germs, and DUSTMITES. Also, tiny water droplets will combine with dust particles and form layers of “DUST COMBO” on fabric materials. Also, the water droplets actually acts as a “GLUING AGENT” that helps the dust to stick the dust particles onto your fabric sofa, pillows, cushion, mattress…and so on.

3. The Perfect Food Source – A typical human being like you & me shed millions of dead “SKIN FLAKES” daily.  Do not freak out because this is very normal. Dead human skin flakes however, is the perfect food source for the nano bugs…The DUSTMITES.

4. The Dustmites – These little monsters are the tiniest enemy you will ever faced daily. The growth or dustmites are supported by high humidity environment, fabric mediums for breeding, and skin flakes as food source. Given all these conditions are fulfilled, our mattress is the perfect breeding ground for these little monsters. But one important question is, since dustmites does not bite human or harm human directly, dustmites should be harmless and we should be able to coexist correct?

Wrong! Dustmites does not harm us directly. But they harm us indirectly. With millions of dustmites on our bed, the waste/feces they produced is harmful enough to cause allergy, skin problems, respiratory problems, asthma, cough, running nose, and just to name a few…

Our professionally trained teams have the skill and tools to handle them. Using the advance machine from Germany, and detergents made from eco friendly materials, we don’t just clean it esthetically, we sanitize it, and make it more hygienic environment for everyone to live with.

Try Our Service, FEEL The Difference.

We Guarantee You Will.

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